Legendary Showdown


More games are on the way!

We have partnered with two amazing web comics, Girl Genius and Gunnerkrigg Court to create our next edition of Legendary Showdown.

Our Kickstarter Campaign for this game was a huge success! We can't wait for you to play the new edition of Legendary Showdown.

If you want to follow Legendary Showdown 2's progress and keep up to date with our latest happenings, head over to our blog. The blog will be the latest source of information from us, and we will be updating it weekly.


Christopher Hastings is a giant in the world of comics, though not the kind that carries an axe and sings lumberjacking songs. While best known as the creator, artist, and writer of "The Adventures of Dr. McNinja," he is also the storytelling genius behind Marvel Comics' "Fear Itself: Deadpool" and "Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe" miniseries. He is also the recipient of numerous prestigious awards. Christopher Hastings is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a degree in Cartooning. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Carly Monardo, and their dog, Commissioner Gordon.

The Legendary Showdown Game

Legendary Showdown brings comically epic battles to the award-winning world of Dr. McNinja!

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Kickstarter Challenge Coins

Three exclusive Dr. McNinja Kickstarter challenge coins.

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Cards from the Game

A sampling of a few of the cards from the game.

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