Legendary Showdown - Frequently Asked Questions
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Q: Regarding play order, the rules say that player with the weakest character starts the round. Does this include weapon and bonus?

A: When choosing the weakest character, weapons and bonuses are added to the score. So, a 3 point character with a "Bazooka" (10 points total) is worth more than a 8 point character with no weapons or bonuses, so the 8 point character is weaker and starts first.

Q: Does “Just a Clone” prevent the person’s character that is firing “Dracula’s Moon Laser” from dying?

A: Yes, if you have "Just a Clone" in your facedown cards, none of your characters will die that round.

Q: If only two players remain, can the first person that goes pass to end the game?

A: No, every player should receive at least one turn. All players get at least one chance to play cards or pass.

Q: Can I use “Let’s Do This… Together!” on an opponent and then use “Dracula’s Moon Laser” to kill two of them?

A: Yes! That is a great strategy!

Q: If you are using "Let's Do This... Together!", can one "Just a Clone" card save both characters?

A: Yes, "Just a Clone" card specifies that it prevents any of your characters from dying.

Q: What order do the cards hit the discard pile when someone uses “Greetings from the Future”? This is relevant for “Ninjas have no Honor”

A: The card which was played first (the first action or instant card - note that "Greetings from the Future" won't cancel weapons or bonuses) gets discarded first, and the second card played ("Greetings from the Future") is discarded second.

Q: When the round ends and "Let's do this... Together!" was played, do both move to the back of the line?

A: Both characters would move to the back of the line because they are both involved in the end-of-the-round fight and the rules say to move surviving characters to the back of the line.

Q: If "Let's do this... Together!" is played on a losing team and one of the front characters is one that may be sacrificed for another, can it be sacrificed for the other character?

A: No, both characters are eliminated simultaneously when the round ends, so the 3-point character can't be sacrificed as it has already been eliminated.

Q: If "Let's do this... Together!" is played on a losing team and another character in that line may be sacrificed for another, can it be sacrificed for both front characters?

A: No, sacrificing a 3-point character only saves one other character.

Q: If the game is ended with “Dracula’s Moon Laser”, who wins?

A: If a game ends with total destruction due to “Dracula’s Moon Laser”, all the players who were still in the game tie (although whoever used the moon laser gets bragging rights).